Carburetor to go

Fuel filter had a hole in it and there was a thick sludge from the petcock down.  Good excuse to have a thorough look at the carb.

WR factory racing Linkert MR-3 on the left and a standard WL linkert on the right.  Main difference in length is because the racing one doesn't have a choke.  Same bowl and float.

Famous bombsite venturi.

Throttle, WL left (1.1/4") and WR right (1.1/2").  [44% increase in area for the nerds]

Hard to see in this photo but the rod holding the throttle disc for the WR (top) has a chamfer machined into it to make it super thin when fully opened thus aiding airflow (a little).

Linkert cleaning tools.  All done, with a spark plug clean and some fresh oil the bike should run...